FAQ About Nose Pipe the Neti Pot Saline Nasal Irrigation

How does the Nose Pipe™ work?
Amazingly, we produce over a Quart of mucus in our sinuses daily. This mucus keeps our nose moist, entraps inhaled irritants and is usually clear and flowing. However, when this mucus becomes thickened due to allergy, it becomes a fertile medium for infection from bacteria and fungus. The Nose Pipe™ uses a saline nasal solution to flush out the thickened mucus so that the nose can function normally again. Thickened, mucus worsens the symptoms of blocked and/or running nose, sore throats, laryngitis, fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs and ultimately chest infection.

When can I use the Nose Pipe™ ?
It can be used when the nose is blocked, has hayfever, sinusitis, colds, flu, dust, hair, pollens, allergies, pollution, running nose caused by poor air conditioning in office buildings, planes and cigarette smoke.

How is the Nose Pipe™ used?
Nose Pipe™ comes with full instructions. Salt/Baking Soda and water from your own kitchen are mixed. The head is positioned so the flow of saline solution pours gently from one nostril through to the other without any irritation such as stinging, burning or coughing. There are no recongised side effects and it can be done as often as needed.

Is it difficult to learn?
No. Full instruction and backup from Sinus Solutions is available through our contact page. A demonstration is advisable to optimize technique.

Are there any side effects?
There are no recognised side effects. It is uncomplicated and easily mastered by young and old alike.

What is sinusitis?
There are 8 sinus cavities in the bones around the face that drain into the nose. They are lined with membranes that produce mucus and they regulate the air as it flows to the lungs. Sinusitis is an infected sinus, causing inflammation and irritation in the nose and face. The symptoms of sinusitis are; a preceding common cold, head congestion and facial pain or headache, thickened green/yellow mucus, fatigue and it may lead on to a sore throat, coughs hoarseness and sometimes fever. The Nose Pipe™ may alleviate the symptoms of the cold and may prevent it progressing to sinusitis.

Are the sinuses washed clean?
No. The warm saline solution creates a flow through the nose clearing the sinus openings. This in turn causes a venturi suction that physically drains the sinuses.

Does the Nose Pipe™ drain the sinuses?
Yes. Using the Nose Pipe™ to pour a saline solution through the nose, acts to clear the sinus canals from the sinuses into the nose. Clearing these canals allows the flowing fluid to create a suction, which then actively drains the sinuses.

Is Sinusitis more common now?
Yes. Occurrence is increasing dramatically and is now one of the most common ailments that people visit their doctors for. Factors causing these are increased atmospheric pollution, depleted autoimmune systems, and the long-term use of antibiotics.

What can I do to avoid Sinusitis in the future?
We can filter the air that we breathe, be more aware of our diet especially by cutting back the excessive use of dairy products. The Nose Pipe™ regularly used will clear our nose of dried exfoliated skin, dust mite, human and animal hair, and other pollutants. Nose breathing as opposed to mouth breathing, is much healthier for us. Regular saline nasal irrigation may prevent the occurrence of sinusitis symptoms.

What is Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis?
Hay fever is the body's heightened natural response to allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollen, hair, pollution or particulates in the work place, etc. An irritation to the nose and eyes causes an increase in mucus production, when these allergens activate the body's auto-immune system. By using The Nose Pipe™ the foreign bodies causing the allergy are flushed out and this decreases the inflammation in the nose by stopping it from running and being congested. Over time, this will fortify the body's nasal defenses.

Can the Nose Pipe™ help cold and flu symptoms?
Yes. During a cold or flu episode, the symptoms of running nose, congestion, sore throat and headache can be helped by keeping the sinus passages open and clear. It may help to keep the cold to a short duration rather than one continuing on into sinusitis and lasting longer than it needs to.

Can sore throats be helped?
Yes. Many sore throats are caused by infected thickened mucous called a postnasal drip, which inflames the throat and can proceed on to cause laryngitis. Breathing this into the lungs could also cause bronchitis. By using the Nose Pipe™, the thickened mucous and infection is washed away thus relieving or even better, preventing a sore throat.

Will it help when giving up smoking?
Yes. By experiencing a clear and clean nose and encouraging nose breathing again instead of mouth breathing, users of the Nose Pipe™ can become more aware of the effects of cigarette smoke on their upper respiratory tract. The Nose Pipe™ is a physical aid to people wanting to give up smoking.

How can eye and ear problems be helped?
The inner ear is connected to the nose through the Auditory (Eustachian) Tube. Therefore by improving the hygiene of the nose certain types of head soreness such as middle ear conditions can be alleviated. The tears of the eyes also drain into the nose and regular cleansing of the nose can help to keep these tear ducts clear as well.

Why use salt?
The mucus of the nose is salty and slightly alkaline. For this reason when a perfect isotonic saline solution is made of salt and baking soda, a natural cleansing and moisturizing of the sinus passage is achieved. Too much salt or too little may lessen the benefits of using the Nose Pipe™.

Which salt should be used?
Pure salt is best. Many table salts include iodine and free flowing agents, which is less satisfactory. Because the saline solution is not ingested however, regular table salt is still very acceptable.

Can the Nose Pipe™ prevent bad breath?
Yes. Bacteria in the nose, throat and mouth often cause foul smelling breath. Clear sinuses and mucus will with tooth brushing, prevent the build up of bacteria in the nose and throat that can cause Halitosis or bad breath.

Will it reduce snoring?
Yes. Users of the Nose Pipe™ have noticed, over a period of time, that the flow through their nose increases which results in less snoring.